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  1. Pantaloni Dainese TEMPEST 2 D-DRY LADY

    •  negru-gri
    •  negru-galben
    •  negru-rosu

    Preț Normal: 1.045,00 RON

    Special Price 941,00 RON

  2. Pantaloni dama Alpinestars STELLA MISSILE V2

    •  negru
    •  negru-alb-roz

    Preț Normal: 1.866,00 RON

    Special Price 1.586,00 RON

  3. Pantaloni Dainese D1 EVO JEANS

    Preț Normal: 980,00 RON

    Special Price 882,00 RON

  4. Pantaloni Dainese DRAKE SUPER AIR TEX PANTS

    •  negru
    •  negru-rosu-alb
    •  negru-gri-galben

    Preț Normal: 860,00 RON

    Special Price 774,00 RON

  5. Pantaloni Dainese SOLARYS TEX

    Preț Normal: 2.385,00 RON

    Special Price 2.147,00 RON

  6. Pantaloni Dainese D-EXPLORER GORE-TEX PANTS

    •  negru
    •  negru-rosu
    •  gri-bej-negru

    Preț Normal: 1.860,00 RON

    Special Price 1.674,00 RON

  7. Pantaloni Dainese ANTARTICA GORE-TEX

    •  negru-gri
    •  negru-alb-rosu-albastru

    Preț Normal: 3.635,00 RON

    Special Price 3.272,00 RON

  8. Pantaloni Dainese AMSTERDAM

    Preț Normal: 855,00 RON

    Special Price 770,00 RON

  9. Pantaloni Dainese CHARGER REGULAR JEANS

    Preț Normal: 1.190,00 RON

    Special Price 1.071,00 RON


    Ladies specific version of the GT-PRO-2 wp PANTS Touring technical 4-season pants, 100% waterproof 3 layers connected with zip: external pants removable waterproof and breathable "Aquazone" membrane removable thermal liner External fabrics: Duratek-7, Duratek-4 Elastic inserts on the crotch, inside leg and behind the knees to maintain the correct fit regardless of whether the inner layers are inserted or not Double layer of fabric on the bottom 4 adjustable ventilation panels on thighs and knees, lined with 3D mesh. The three-dimensional mesh lets the air flow and circulate inside the pants, once the ventilation panels are open 2 front pockets Accordion stretch panel on knees and back for better comfort of movement Velcro flaps to adjust the size of the waist Ankles zone openable with zip and adjustable with Velcro Adjustable and removable CE protectors on the knees "Climacontrol" inner mesh lining Water repellent treatment on the outer fabric to prevent it from absorbing water Laminated refractive inserts at the front and back for visibility at night Jacket-pants connection with zip at 360? for winter and locking clip for the slider
    1.370,00 RON
  11. Pantaloni Dainese MIG LEATHER-TEX PANTS

    •  negru
    •  negru-rosu

    Preț Normal: 1.300,00 RON

    Special Price 1.170,00 RON

  12. Pantaloni Dainese CONNECT REGULAR JEANS

    Preț Normal: 740,00 RON

    Special Price 666,00 RON


    100% cotton "Denim comfort" (2% stretching) 11 oz reinforced with Dupont Kevlar ? mixed with Teramid ? Kevlar ? reinforcements on the hips, bottom and knees Adjustable and removable CE protectors on the knees and padding on the hips Ready for the use of CE hip protectors (item code 1262, see page Hip CE Protector) 4 pockets: 2 at the front and 2 on the back (one of which has a zip closure) Zip to reach the knee protectors usable also as ventilation opening Stone washed and sanded
    740,00 RON
  14. Pantaloni Dainese GALVESTONE D2 GORE-TEX PANTS

    Preț Normal: 1.210,00 RON

    Special Price 1.089,00 RON

  15. Pantaloni Dainese CARVE MASTER 2 LADY GORE-TEX

    •  negru
    •  negru-rosu

    Preț Normal: 99.999,00 RON

    Special Price 89.999,00 RON

  16. Pantaloni Dainese AMSTERDAM LADY

    Preț Normal: 855,00 RON

    Special Price 770,00 RON


    Jeansi moto cu un look casual de la specialistul Trilobite.

    Ideali pentru plimbarile zilnice pe motor, fie ca te dai prin oras sau iti plac calatoriile. Demimul este elastic si pe langa asta mai sunt si echipati cu panouri strech pentru si mai mare flexibilitate in zona genunchilor, ransorsati in zonele de impact cu fibre aramide Kevlar original de la DuPont si echipati cu protectiile de genunchi Trilobite Premium Level 2. 

    Poti scoate foarte usor protectiile de genunchi, prin fermoarul ascuns plasat in exteriorul blugilor. Optional ii poti echipa si cu protectii de sold. 
    700,00 RON


Articolele de la 1 până la 20 din 44 în total

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