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The vest with airbag in perforated mesh to wear over the usual motorcycle clothing, whatever it is. Neck DPS Vest is ideal for all destinations of motorcycle use, extremely light and can be adjusted by side velcro straps for perfect driving comfort in every situation. It can also be worn over racing suits, thanks to the rear zip that allows it to comply with the shape of the racing humps. The CE Chest Protector is included as standard, while the CE Warrior internal back protector can be inserted.The Neck DPS Airbag system: A double pillow wraps around the cervical area and the clavicles, greatly increasing the level of safety for such a delicate area and working in harmony with the helmet to reduce the potentially harmful movements of the neck. Furthermore, the system increases the rider's rolling tendency, limiting the possibilities of dangerous levers on the ground or against the road surface. - The system inflation time of 0.2 seconds - The whole system weighs 480 grams - The totally removable and rechargeable system - The primer uses new buckles made of synthetic material studied by YKK with a very high resistance, mounted on a Keramide cable able to support up to 200kg of weight.
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2.225,00 RON